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In Feb. 1972, KUKDO was established.   In Apr. 1999, the company was renamed as KUKDO Chemical Co., Ltd.
In Jan. 1973, it established epoxy resin factory in Seoul. In Apr. 1999, it developed polyether glycol, polyurethane and polyurea.
In Nov. 1980, it established sodium chloride and hydrochloric acid factory in Seoul. In Jan. 1999, it obtained special building permit (surface treatment and waterproof project)
In Oct. 1983, it established research (technology) center. In Jan. 2000, it passed the certification of KS.
In Nov. 1985, it won the reward from the President (export sales reach USD 10,000,000). In Jan. 2000, it established polyurethane factory in Iksan.
In Aug. 1989, its shares went public in stock exchange of South Korea (capital: KRW 900 million). In Apr. 2001, it expanded production of epoxy resin (Sihwa Factory: 4, 000MT/year).
In Mar. 1994, it passed the certification of BVQI ISO 9002 Quality Management System. In Apr. 2002, it established Kunshan Factory in China.
In May 1994, it established the second factory producing epoxy resin and curing agent in Iksan. In Nov. 2003, it finished the first phase of Chinese epoxy resin and polyether glycol factory.
In Nov. 1995, it won the Silver Pagoda Award of the 23rd Trade Year. In Jul. 2004, Busan office building was moved and polyether factory was set up.
In Dec. 1995, it passed the certification of BVQI ISO 14001 Environmental Quality System. In Dec. 2004, it finished the second phase of Chinese epoxy resin and polyether glycol factory.
In Mar. 1996, it established KUKDO Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.  
In Apr. 1997, it established a new office building in Seoul.  
In Jan. 1998, it used KD-NIS zooming system.  
In Dec. 1998, it won “1998 Excellent Enterprise in Cooperation” issued by the Ministry of Labor.  

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