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Product Name:Polyamide and Amino Resin Type
Product Number:Polyamide and Amino Resin Type
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Trademark Total amine value *1
Reactive hydrogen equivalent
G-700 90-100 Semi-solid 12max. 450-500 The macroviscosity macromolecular weight coating, the adhesive use
G-5022 200-240 50,000-70,000*2 12max. 165-185 The standard macroviscosity gathers the sour amine, has the high flexibility, the long storage time, mixes with the solid state epoxy resin with obtains the outstanding nature
G-0930 280-320 8,000-12,000*2 12max. 120-140 In the standard type the viscosity gathers the sour amine, as soon as by comparing rate with the standard liquid state epoxy resin, mixes with the amide class amine
G-640 370-400*3 8,000-12,000 12max. 100-120 The standard high imidazole content gathers the amide, the solid state coating, the adhesive and the seal material uses
G-0331 280-340 2,500-4,500 12max. 100-120 The viscosity gathers the amide, the adhesive, the civil engineering uses
G-0240 370-430 1,500-3,000 12max. 60-80 The adhesive and the coating gather the amide with the standard type
G-A0533 310-350 500-1,000 14max. 95-115 Cement mortar and lime mud, plate, low viscosity new mixture
G-A0432 320-380 200-600 14max. 70-80 High imidazole content Amidoamine, the cement mortar and the lime mud, compare the mixture to use
G-5022X70 140-170 T-W*4 12max. 235-265*5 DOMIDE G-5022X70 is DOMIDE-5022 kisses the resolver primer base in the xylene 70% solutions, has the long storage time
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